Highly Efficient Products for Composites

High release performance and multiple demoulding with easy application as well as good wetting of the release film and an easy postprocessing of part surfaces are the most frequently asked requirements in the composite area. ACMOS offers a wide range of highly efficient release agents for the different production processes:

  • Vaccuum infusion
  • Resin Transfer Moulding
    (RTM, all versions)
  • Filament Winding & Rotational Moulding
  • Hot Pressing, Pre-Preg
  • Manual Lay-up, Spray-up
  • Pultrusion, Extrusion
  • SMC & BMC

Our release agents and semi-permanent coatings of the ACMOS, ACMOSAN, ACMOSAL, and ACMOScoat series extend mould life, reduce scrap rates and improve product quality and productivity.

In addition, we offer ACMOSOL cleaners specially developed for the composite area.


ACMOS supplies the complete portfolio of highly efficient release systems for all common matrix resins such as epoxy, polyester, phenols, acrylates and others.

ACMOS, ACMOSAN, ACMOSAL and ACMOScoat Release Agents

  • Ready-to-use or High Solids (Concentrates)
  • Water-based or solvent-based
  • Silicone-based or silicone-free
  • Economical (in consumption)
  • Environmentally friendly

Our excellent semi-permanent coatings are easy to apply with a cloth, a mop or a spray system and create a reliably sustainably durable release film without streaks and application marks.

With a thermal stability of almost 300°C, a high number of demouldings can be achieved. By avoiding a release transfer, post-processing-friendly part surfaces are produced in this process. A touch-up of the semi-permanent release film is only necessary after a large number of demouldings.

Application Products
Semi-permanent coatings for multiple demouldings ACMOScoat 82-9505
ACMOScoat 82-9101
ACMOScoat 82-9062
Release agents for single demoulding ACMOSAN 82-5263
ACMOSAN 82-263-3
ACMOSAN 82-4009 
Release sprays ACMOS 82-2405
ACMOS 70-2406
Release pastes ACMOSAN P82-403
Internal release agents ACMOSAL 82-866
ACMOSAL 82-869
ACMOSAL 82-871
PVA release lacquer ACMOSAN 82-177

Cleaners for Composites

Our specially developed ACMOSOL cleaners for moulds and part surfaces achieve best cleaning results while considering work safety and environmental compatibility.

Cleaners Products
Removal of resin residues    ACMOSOL 133-610
ACMOSOL 133-616
Degreasing or removal of residues and dirt ACMOSOL 130-22
Removing adhesive residues, tapes, waxes etc. ACMOSOL 130-158

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