Highly Efficient Release Agents for Foundry

With its release agents for the foundry industry, ACMOS meets the high requirements for perfect mould production and the prevention of damages to the mould tools. ACMOS products stand for maximum efficiency to increase product quality and productivity in foundries.

More than 50 years of experience in the various foundry processes establish the best possible process auxiliaries.

Worldwide distribution as well as professional, technical support on site by us or our sales partners is a matter of course. Our portfolio includes solvent-based products, water-based emulsions up to lacquer-like special coating to prevent sand build-up with extreme mechanical stress on critical areas.


ACMOS provides the complete portfolio of highly effective release systems for mould and core manufacturing. In addition to our standard products, we also offer customized formulations.

ACMOS, ACMOSAN und ACMOScoat release agents, release sprays and coatings.

Application Products
Wet cast sand
Green sand
ACMOS 118-222
ACMOS 118-230
ACMOS 118-239
Hot-curing sands
CRONING process, Hot-Box etc.
ACMOS 118-5055
ACMOS 118-5855
Cold-curing sands
Alphaset, Betaset, CO2, Cold-Box,
furan and phenolic resin and others
ACMOS 118-22
ACMOS 118-2422 (spray cans)
ACMOS 118-92
ACMOS 118-2492 (spray cans)
ACMOS 118-63
ACMOS 118-2463 (spray cans)
ACMOS 118-5022
Precision casting
SHAW- und UNICAST process
ACMOS 118-63
ACMOS 118-2463 (spray cans)
Polyester and epoxy resins
ACMOSAN 82-280
ACMOSAN 82-177
ACMOSAN P82-99 (paste)
ACMOS 118-2422 (spray cans)
Special coating
Core and mould production
ACMOScoat 118-6078
System cleaner
Removing of synthetic resin binders
ACMOSOL 118-627

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