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ACMOS traces its commitment to the woodworking industry back to the 1950s, developing lubricants and release agents working closely with OEMs as well as adhesive producers. 

Since then, our product line has grown into a broad range of release agents, sliding agents and waxes, cleaners, as well as grinding coolants that are used throughout the world, in applications such as cabinet making, veneering, the production of engineered wood flooring, and many others. 

In addition to our standard products, we can also develop custom solutions for woodworking end users with special performance requirements. We can rely on our extensive know-how working with different woods, resins, and adhesives to develop and test new formulations in our dedicated lab.

Our hands-on technical support approach ensures our customers’ success. We work with leading OEMs as well as independent distributors to also support smaller scale woodworking operations and hobbyists alike.

Please contact us for any questions or visit us at the AWFS Fair at booth #4364 in Las Vegas.

Wood Release agents

ACMOS offers an extensive range of products for veneer pressing, glued wood, edge banding, impregnating resins, and the manufacturing of high-grade hardboard, MDF, and chipboards . The characteristics of our release agents depend largely on the type of glues and adhesives used within each application, including urea & melamine resin, phenolic resins, PVAC, hot melt adhesive, PUR adhesives, and more. However, equally important are the surfaces with which the release agent is in contact. By carrying out pioneering work, we have developed several solutions for top-quality wood, veneers, and plastic-coated surfaces. In addition, our portfolio includes proven, silicone-free standard products, which provides reliability for follow-on treatment. 

ACMOS release agents offer: 
•    Excellent release characteristics
•    Prevents sticking and maintains clean surfaces
•    Preservative effect of machinery 
•    Improved production efficiency 

Wood Sliding agents

We offer another wide range of products consisting of lubricants and waxes in the WAXILIT series. These products are used anywhere where wood has to slide over metal, or where a similar lubricant effect is needed where wood slides over wood or plastic. They can be used for both manual and automatic processing and will prevent pumps, tubes, and nozzles from becoming corroded, blocked, or glued up. As well, all lubricants in the WAXILIT series are silicon-free and will not reduce the wood’s capacity to undergo further treatment (gluing, staining, painting).

Lubricants have proved to be essential for a modern woodworking factory regarding quality, method of operation and environmental characteristics. Our lubricants were developed in cooperation with well-known manufacturers of woodworking machines, therefore they behave according to the requirements not only in accordance with the machine, but also in relation to the wood to be processed. The WAXILIT series is considered the standard by which all others are compared. 

Cleaners & Grinding Coolants

ACMOS complements its hands-on range with cleaners of the ACMOSOL series, grinding coolants, and resin removers. We specially developed our ACMOSOL cleaners to achieve the best cleaning results, especially for tools, press plates and gluing machines, while considering work safety and environmental compatibility. Our Grinding Coolants are for all grinding applications, including bladed grinding machines, and increase lubricity while acting as a rust inhibitor. 

We are members of the following Associations in the USA.

ACMOS provides Schütze spray equipment for release agents, glues, and cleaners for woodworking applications.

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