Processing Aids for the Wood Industry

The development and provision of specific release agents and complementary process auxiliaries for the wood industry is one of ACMOS' core competencies. The main application areas for our products are glueing, pressing, laminating and painting.

For automatic and manual processing ACMOS provides sliding agents of the WAXILIT series. We have developed our sliding agents in cooperation with well-known manufacturers of woodworking machines, so that they behave according to the requirements not only in accordance with the machine, but also in relation to the wood to be processed.

ACMOS provides reliable special products for processing in the panel industry and the use of phenolic and melamine resins as well as PU adhesives.

ACMOS complements its hands-on range with cleaners of the ACMOSOL series, especially for tools, press plates and glueing machines.

Release Agents for Wood Processing

Proven, silicone-free standard products from the portfolio ACMOS release agents.

Release spray for glues and adhesives, edge banding
banding machines and heating rails
ACMOS 100-2450
Release agent for urea and melamine resin gluesACMOS 1124B
Release agent for PVAC glueACMOS 101-5001
Release agent for hot melt glue on edge banding machinesACMOS 100-5030
Sliding agent for automatic application units on
woodworking machines
Waxilit 22-71F
Release agent for the manufacture of MDF and
HDF plates as well as chipboards
ACMOS 100-5475

    Cleaners for wood processing

    Our specially developed ACMOSOL cleaners achieve best cleaning results while taking into account work safety and environmental compatibility.

    Resin solvent for tools                                                                               ACMOSITAL
    Cleaner for glueing machinesACMOSOL 131-10
    Cleaner for press platesACMOSOL 133-1

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