Tailor-made Products for Polyurethane

Tailor-made Products for Polyurethane

Polyurethane (PU) is used in a variety of applications such as mattresses, seat cushions and acoustic insulation parts made of flexible foams, steering wheels, dashboards and window encapsulations made of integral foam, casing parts made of rigid foam, insulating foam, cast elastomers and shoe soles.

The different manufacturing processes of these products require very specific demands on the mould release agents to be used. ACMOS provides release agents perfectly tailored to the PU system and the production process. When developing our products, we place special emphasis on productivity and environmental compatibility.

More than 50% of our annual delivery volume are water-based products. Our release agents of the ACMOS, ACMOSIL and ACMOScoat series achieve not only optimal demoulding but also the desired surface qualities of the moulded parts and lead to a reduction of scrap rates and improvement of productivity.

In addition, ACMOS offers cleaners and anti-squeak agents for the manufacturing process of polyurethane products.

Release Agents for Polyurethane

Our release agents, which are perfectly tailored to the manufacturing process and the PU system, ensure optimal demoulding and the highest product quality of PU parts.
Whether as ready-to-use dispersion or concentrate, water-based or solvent-based, if desired silicone-free or tin-free - we provide you with the tailor-made solution.

ACMOS, ACMOSIL und ACMOScoat release agents

  • Ready-to-use or High Solids (concentrates)
  • Pasty primers
  • water-based, solvent-based or hybrids (water/solvent mixtures)
  • VOC-free or VOC reduced
  • Silicone-free
  • Tin-free
  • Economical (economical in use)
  • Environmentally friendly
Release Agents for  
Energy absorbing mouldings
Crash pads and dampers
30 series                     
Internal release agents
Rigid foam and PU lacquers
33 series
Shoe soles
Unit soles or single and dual density direct injection
34 series
Rigid foam
Roof liners, casing parts, thermal insulation boards and wood imitations
35 series
Integral foam
PU spray skins, I-panels, steering wheels (IMC and leather wrapped),
air filters, gaskets, gear knobs, window encapsulations (RIM)
and PU elastomers
36 series
Flexible foam
Mattresses, head cushions, seat cushions, headrests and various acoustic insulation parts (for vehicles)
37 series
Filling and insulation foam
Boiler foam
39 series

Anti-Squeak Agents

ACMOS anti-squeak agents for seat cushions in vehicles are approved by well-known car manufacturers and in use worldwide.

They are delivered colourless, blue coloured or with a fluorescent dye as water-soluble concentrates and prevent the squeaking of car seats.

Water soluble and insoluble anti-squeaks                                                                            22 / 23 series

Cleaner for Polyurethane

ACMOS specially designed cleaners achieve the best cleaning results while taking into account work safety and environmental compatibility.

Mould cleaners
Removal of PU and release agent residues
Heat-up cleaners
Intensive cleaning of moulds and small parts at 150-170°C
Surface cleaners
Degreasing or activating PU surfaces
Rinsing agents
Cleaning mixing heads, wires and machine parts with corrosion protection
Surface cleaners handy cleaning wipes available in dispenser boxes

For further information or technical support, we are happy to be at your disposal.

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